Felsbeck Farm:  farming naturally, the organic way

Sales Venues

From Our Garden to Your Plate

It’s important to know what you’re eating.  We try hard  to make sure our produce is not only grown using approved organic methods, but we also maintain  sustainable growing policies, and sanitary  processing methods for packaging.  We guarantee our produce, fruits, nuts and  mushrooms (when we have them), are satisfactory; it not, tell us and you'll be fully refunded.

Historically, this farm is part of what once was a Saura village, where we occasionally find artifacts as a field is plowed.  In a round-about way, this is a  home-coming for J., the 'Bossman,' as his maternal grandmother was part-Saura, even as Connee's  paternal grandmother was Cherokee. 

We are the descendants of generations of farmers, working to sustain this land for which we are stewards, hoping to maintain its ability to flourish and nourish us, and our customers, for many more generations. As can be seen, we also grow some pretty big rocks, here at the foot of Sauratown Mountain.


Though we are not yet certified (as of  6/2017), we use organically-approved and sustainable growing methods and are transitioning toward certification. 


Nearly year-round crops

From spring broccoli, cabbages, collards and snow peas, through a variety of beans, field peas, sweet corn, sweet onions, Yukon Gold and La Soda potatoes, peppers, okra, eggplants, cucumbers, summer and winter squashes, to pumpkins, and a repeat of the greens late in autumn, we maintain production (or cover crops) on a rotation basis between our 5 active fields.  We also have heirloom apples and peaches, a variety of other fruit, including paw-paws, persimmons, a mix of tasty berries, blueberries especially, and nuts (pecans, American chestnuts, hazelnuts) and mushrooms as the chipmunks and squirrels are willing to share.   (shown: paw-paws)

We sell at the Cobblestone Farmers' Market at Old Salem, NC (at Winston-Salem) Saturdays, mid-April to the weekend before Thanksgiving. We also sell at the King Farmers' Market at the Stokes YMCA on Wednesdays, May-October.  You can also stop in at the farm and purchase from the marketing center at the end of the drive (continue straight at the fork).

Who We Are

We only reap the freshest produce for you and your family. By hand-picking and hand-washing all our produce, you are ensured fresh,  ripe food.  Bubba is not involved in the processing of produce meant  for sale, but what comes to the house is fair game, in his mind. Besides, our sweet corn is VERY good.