Summer veggies

Not just to look at, our tomtoes, cucumbers, peppers, potatoes,field (Crowder) peas and green beans (haricot verts) are grown, as are all our crops, using organic methods, and lots of sunshine, fresh spring-fed water or rainwater, and loads of TLC. Some of the vegetables and most of the fruits we grow normally are not available for 2017, due to extensive tornado damage at the farm.

Sweet Corn

Our sweet white or yellow corn is sure to be perfect  for any summertime activity where food is involved.  We grow the  sweet corn to ripen in late-June and contines with the various plantings ripening through July.

The tornado of 24 May 2017 did considerable damage to the farm structures and forests of Felsbeck Farm. While some crops have been adversely affected by trees falling in the rows, crushing plants, most crops are recovering from the wind, rains and hail, and newly producing. We will not have chestnuts again for several years, having lost the American chestnut trees that were producing. Ditto the hickory nuts and most of the orchard fruit: our heirloom apples and plum trees, and all the mature raspberries, particularly.  While farm production continues, any spare moments are spent repairing damage and removing fallen limbs and trees, so visiting the farm is not practical at this time due to unsafe conditions in many areas.  We hope to be back in full production by the 2018 planting season, with most repairs completed.

Autumn Scuppernong Grapes

Bronze and Scarlet native NC grapes offer their  sweet tangy goodness in mid to late-September through November.

Our Products


A variety of European and Japanese hybrid and heirloom eggplants   are available between late June through to frost (generally late October/early November).

Blueberries are harvested between mid-June through mid-August, as weather cooperates.

Summer & Winter Squashes, Melons & Pumpkins

From late-spring to late autumn, a variety of  plants are producing yellow crookneck squash, zucchinis, watermelons and other melons, many varieties of winter squash plus  pie and carving pumpkins.

March to May, and again, September into January,  "Down-East' and other varieties of Collards, Broccoli, Cabbages multi-coloured Cauliflower